The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event (Ltd. Earbook)

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Release date: 8 July, 2022

Article No.: 141251000

Format: Ltd. Earbook  (96 Seiten), Blu-Ray, DVD, 2CD 

Each song has its own stunning set designed and perfectly staged - the set, size and production alone is unparalleled. One live premiere follows the next, in between one POWERWOLF classic after the other - all in an impressively produced sound garment. With songs like fan favorite "Demon's Are A Girls Best Friend", "Beast Of Gévaudan" or the radio hit of the last studio album "Dancing With The Dead", the Wolves artistically staged with the help of numerous actors directly into the screenplay of the original music videos.

One of many highlights of the show is Falk Maria Schlegel's bombastic pyro organ, which spits fire with every keystroke during songs like "Fire And Forgive" and "Amen & Attack". On "Cardinal Sin," singer Attila Dorn pushes a self-important cardinal back into the fire, while on the ballad "Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone," snow falls on the fire-dominated scenery. Through all four chapters - Temptation, Sin, Confession and Forgiveness is a high-quality staged pyro show, which sometimes remains discreetly in the background, but in places dominates the scenery.

A live spectacle that allows to discover many more details even after repeated playthroughs and cements POWERWOLF's status as the outstanding band of the genre!

But that's not all - on the Mediabook will be a special bonus POWERWOLF's legendary headline show from Wacken 2019 under the name Hallowed Be The Holy Ground in full length. The show is also included in the vinyl box. You can't get more live spectacle than this!

THE MONUMENTAL MASS - A CINEMATIC METAL EVENT will be available in numerous formats, including a 96-page Earbook, a 48-page Mediabook, a Vinyl Box and other great releases.

The concept for THE MONUMENTAL MASS - A CINEMATIC METAL EVENT comes from POWERWOLF mastermind Matthew Greywolf, who is also involved in the screenplay, while Jörg Michael is responsible for the cinematic production. The artwork was once again created by Zsofia Dankova, while audio production, mix and master are by Kristian "Kohle" Bonifer.


Tracklist Blu-Ray / DVD

Chapter I - Temptation 

1 Prologue / Monumental Mass Theme

2 Faster Than the Flame

3 Venom Of Venus

4 Stossgebet

5 Demons Are A Girl‘s Best Friend

Chapter II - Sin 

6 Dancing with the Dead

7 Cardinal Sin

8 Resurrection By Erection

9 We Drink Your Blood

10 Glaubenskraft

Chapter III - Confession

11 Fire & Forgive

12 Beast of Gévaudan

13 Incense & Iron

14 Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone

Chapter IV - Forgiveness

15 Amen & Attack

16 Army of the Night

17 Blood for Blood (Faoladh)

18 Armata Strigoi

19 Epilogue / Monumental Mass Theme


Tracklist CD:

Hallowed Be The Holy Ground: Live At Wacken 2019

1 Lupus Daemonis (Intro)

2 Fire & Forgive

3 Army of the Night

4 Incense & Iron

5 Amen & Attack

6 Demons Are A Girl‘s Best Friend

7 Armata Strigoi

8 Stossgebet

9 Blessed & Possessed

10 Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone

11 Resurrection By Erection

12 Sanctified with Dynamite

13 Werewolves of Armenia

14 We Drink Your Blood


CD 1

No. Track Title

1 Prologue / Monumental Mass Theme

2 Faster Than the Flame

3 Venom Of Venus

4 Stossgebet

5 Demons Are A Girl‘s Best Friend

6 Monumental Mass Theme - Sin

7 Dancing with the Dead

8 Cardinal Sin

9 Resurrection By Erection

10 We Drink Your Blood

11 Glaubenskraft

CD 2

No. Track Title

1 Monumental Mass Theme - Confession

2 Fire & Forgive

3 Beast of Gévaudan

4 Incense & Iron

5 Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone

6 Monumental Mass Theme - Forgiveness

7 Amen & Attack

8 Army of the Night

9 Blood for Blood (Faoladh)

10 Armata Strigoi

11 Epilogue / Monumental Mass Theme